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Since 1998, we have helped superintendents, assistant superintendents, school administrators, teachers, facilties workers, school nurses, adjunct professors, new employees, with pension planning and saving for retirement on a post tax and/or pre-tax basis. PERCS will help you  develop a reasonable, low risk, retirement savings plan that works in conjunction with CALSTRS, CALPERS, and Social Security.  Learn more about buying years of service, reciprocity, Social Security, 403b, 403B ROTH, 457 plans, taxes, retirement, and/or estate planning, 

PERCS is glad to help. 

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There is nothing like a sit down, face to face appointment.  While PERCS understands the CALSTRS, CALPERS, Social Security and  employer related voluntary 403 and 457 Plans better than most.  We start by getting to know you.   We analyze your years of service, which column you are in on the pay scale, current age.  Do you have years of service to purchase, was there a divorce, heatlh related issues, are you moving out of state after retirement?  We look at all factors and then recommend a strategy designed to meet your retirement age goals whether its age 55, 63 or even 70  and beyond.  We will even accompany you to your local CALSTRS or CALPERS or LACERA office to support you as you take the final steps towards retiring.

Why Us?


We specialize in working with CALSTRS and CALPERS Employees.  We simply understand better than standard financial advisors, stock brokers, 403B salespersons, estate planners, or CPA's how the state pension systems work and the idiosyncrasies associated with each.  We can help you better understand how to determine if you qualify to buy years of service and if its worth it.   Our team is well acquainted with state pension systems and how they relate to you. Question about reciprocity?  Need to rollover money to buy years of service or move into an IRA or better performing 403B or 457?  Need to borrow or withdraw from your retirement savings in an emergency?  We can help with all of this and more.   With over 20 years of service there is not much we haven't seen or can't help with.   

Our Team


Maurice G. Saldebar

Maurice began his retirement consulting career in April, 1998 as a planner with Pension Planners/TDS Group.  After the firm was purchased he started his own company enabling him to better fulfill objectives for employees and employers while also carrying out the company's mission and vision, develop working relationships with other third party administrators, investment companies for 403B and 457 Plans, CPA's, and estate planning attorneys.  He is a father of two daughters and highly involved in his community. 



Our relationships with employer sponsored third party administrators are intensive.  We work with them directly to expedite loans, transfer funds to buy years of service from CALSTRS or CALPERS, assist with rollovers, transfers, monthly salary contributions or maximizing your annual contributions on age 50 catch ups and longevity.  If your employer is offering a retirement incentive thorugh PARS we will meet with you one on one to help you determine if an early retirement incentive offer is for you 


Education Sessions for Employees

Step-by-step presentations on a variety of topics: Determining percentage of salary at various ages to determine savings rate, QDRO (in the event of a divorce) Windfall Elimination Provision/Government Pension Offset planning as it relates to CALSTRS and Social Security, Reciprocity for those who have worked  dually state, city or county positions.  How to  establish your retirement goals and how to keep on track while pursuing those goals. New Employee orientation (those hired after 2013) Paycheck Stub intepretation, Beneficiary Options Planning and more.  Topics can be customized for your district. Contact us   for more information



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